HSB’s New Sensor Solutions Stop Water Leaks Remotely with Smart Shutoff Device
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HSB’s New Sensor Solutions Stop Water Leaks Remotely with Smart Shutoff Device


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    • Meshify Defender Sensors detect water leaks and other perils
    • Sensors feature extended battery life and longer range
    • Water Shutoff stops water flow, with the tap of a mobile app

    Spots and Stops Leaks, Any Time, Day, or Night

    Specialty insurer HSB today introduced Meshify Defender™ Sensors, its next generation LoRaWAN® Internet of Things (IoT) device suite, and the new Meshify Defender Water Shutoff, which combine to help prevent property and equipment damage using a mobile app.

    Designed by Meshify, the IoT subsidiary of HSB, Meshify Defender Sensors monitor commercial and residential buildings and equipment 24/7 for water leaks, frozen pipes, temperature changes, and humidity.

    Once a sensor detects a leak, HSB sends an alert to customers who can activate the Meshify Defender Water Shutoff, using the Meshify Protect™ mobile app to stop the water supply.

    “HSB has been providing IoT solutions to a range of businesses for nearly a decade,” said John B. Riggs, HSB chief technology officer and president of Meshify. “The Meshify Defender Sensors and Water Shutoff are the culmination of what we have learned about the needs of our customers and our insurance industry partners. Our leading-edge sensors and water shutoff have been tested extensively and made accessible and affordable for insurers and their policyholders to reduce costly water losses.”

    A Seamless and Secure Connection

    Meshify Defender Sensors offer long range and extended battery life, with more robust performance to support commercial environments with an improved customer experience.

    LoRaWAN wireless technology, a low-power, wide-area networking protocol, seamlessly connects Meshify Defender to the Internet of Things with end-to-end security.

    Installs in 10 Minutes, No Cutting Pipes

    The Meshify Defender Water Shutoff, developed over years of research and testing, stops water leaks at the source, with design options that don’t require cutting any pipes.

    Using the Meshify Protect mobile app for iOS and Android, customers can shut off the water with a tap of the screen on a mobile device, from any location, at any time.

    Prevents Loss, Provides Peace of Mind

    In the past, water leaks from plumbing, water heaters, HVAC systems, boilers, and other sources might go undiscovered for hours or days, overnight, weekends, and holidays, causing severe damage.

    Now, customers can have peace-of-mind that Meshify Defender Sensors and Smart Shutoff can detect leaks and cut off the water supply to help prevent or reduce property loss.

    Available Exclusively from HSB

    The Meshify Defender Sensor suite and Water Shutoff are available exclusively in the United States and Canada through HSB and its partner insurance carriers.

    About HSB Canada

    HSB Canada, part of Munich Re, is a technology-driven company built on a foundation of specialty insurance, engineering and technology, all working to drive innovation in a modern world, to keep you ahead of risk.

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