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All Systems Go Plus®, enhanced with TechAdvantage®

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    Unlimited* equipment breakdown coverage, now broader with state-of-the-art enhancements

    All Systems Go Plus® is Canada’s broadest equipment breakdown insurance product, offering a variety of unlimited coverages, environmental efficiency and green coverage, and, data compromise and identity recovery.

    Technology is changing rapidly.

    Microelectronics are now the brains that control equipment, from boilers to computers. This microscopic and fragile technology is more prone to damage, and that damage is invisible to the naked eye.

    Cloud computing has become an integral part of the way we do business. But data centres do experience unplanned outages, exposing cloud users to business interruption and data loss.

    All Systems Go Plus® is now enhanced with TechAdvantage® to address these emerging risks in five ways.

    1. Microelectronics Coverage

    A new cause of loss has been added - Electronic Circuitry Impairment - for failures when physical damage is so small, it is not detectable. If replacing circuitry makes equipment work again, Electronic Circuitry Impairment is triggered, even if there is no physical evidence of damage.

    Loss Example
    An online retailer experienced a sudden shutdown of its website. The problem was isolated to a circuit board in a computer server. A visual examination revealed no evidence of detectable physical damage. However, when the circuit board was replaced, the computer server and website were restored
    Losses amounted to $19,200, including $18,000 in business interruption

    2. Cloud Computing Service Interruption

    Covers business interruption and extra expense when cloud service is lost due to an outage caused by a breakdown.

    Loss Example
    A hotel could not process online reservations when its contracted data centre suffered electrical arcing to its underground utility power supply cable. The hotel suffered a reduction to occupancy during the service outage. Business interruption losses amounted to $8,500

    3. Service Interruption Data Restoration

    Covers restoration of data when lost due to an equipment breakdown at a cloud computing service provider’s location.

    Loss Example
    An accounting firm lost data stored in the cloud due to a mechanical breakdown to a hard drive at its cloud computing service provider. Data restoration losses amounted to $16,000

    4. Off Premises Transportable Equipment

    Covers equipment damaged while off premises, for repair and replacement, business interruption, extra expense, and data restoration.

    Loss Example
    A media department was off site, creating a public awareness campaign when the video camera stopped operating. The camera was found to have an electrical short in an electronic control board.  To meet campaign deadlines, a third party videographer was hired. Losses amounted to $7,700, including $6,500 extra expense.

    5. Public Relations

    Covers public relations services to help manage a client’s reputation that is at risk when a breakdown causes business interruption

    Loss Example
    A small restaurant sustained a power surge which caused electrical damage to its walk-in refrigerator. The restaurant was closed and lost business for 7 days. The insured advertised the reopening of their business, which was broadcast through a local radio station. Losses amounted to $25,000, consisting of $6,000 direct damage $14,000 business interruption $5,000 public relations.