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HSB: Facility and equipment operations

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    Today’s business environment is increasingly fluid. At a moment’s notice, we must adjust – or even shut down – equipment and operations to respond to evolving demands. Navigating rapid changes to operations and equipment can have unplanned and unintended consequences. But, an unpredictable environment can also present opportunities to become proactive and take advantage of idle time, potentially enabling your operations to run smoother.

    HSB is here to help you strike that balance and meet those challenges. We understand your facility and what can go wrong with it. We’re here as partners to help handle the sudden change.

    Operating schedules and routines are at the heart of your business. This includes planned maintenance, which can get disrupted when business demands change, creating a recipe for an incredible strain on people, systems, and the equipment itself.

    Here are some tips to help your facility through ever-changing priorities or a shutdown.

    HSB engineers  provide valuable info to help you maintain and protect your equipment,  such as starting up HVAC, preparing for loss of essential services and extending the life of your electrical equipment.

    Unforeseen circumstances can require you to retrofit or retool to support critical operations or manufacturing processes. This may require you to add additional or temporary equipment that draws power from existing electrical circuits. While the focus is on critical production equipment,  it’s easy to overlook the electrical  distribution equipment  that’s keeping everything operating. So it’s important your electrical equipment and systems are monitored closely to reduce the potential for overload or even failure.

    During idle time, businesses must also prepare for an inevitable “restart.” This invariably will put a strain on people, machinery, and industrial processes. Our engineering and inspection services force is one of the largest in the world, with over 1,200  engineers, inspectors, and technical personnel  around the globe. We offer first-class  inspection services, and loss reduction  consultation for  business,  home, and  farm.

    Your equipment may have been improperly taken offline, or abruptly shut down. This can result in problems when the equipment is restarted. HSB offers a variety of  checklists  that can be helpful in diverting issues when equipment is restarted.

    For more information on how to help you prepare or react to unforeseen circumstances in your operation,  reach out to us.

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