Kavita Ramcharan


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    Assistant Vice President
    Kavita Ramcharan
    Vice President

    Kavita Ramcharan is Vice President, Engineering, Inspection and Applied Technology, for HSB Canada.

    Kavita oversees various modernization projects, aligning talent and work process improvement initiatives including the use of new digital tools and technologies to support the Engineering and Inspection workforces that are vital to our core business.  She also works with HSB Group to develop strategies to increase our understanding of new emerging risks and improve our ability to understand these risks and reduce losses. 

    Kavita joined HSB Canada in 2010 as Area Manager in the Inspection Department and worked through various positions to Director, Inspection Operations and Client Services in 2017. The Board of Directors appointed her Assistant Vice President in 2020 and Vice President in 2023. 

    Kavita has both a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Applied Science Degree in Engineering from the University of Toronto and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario.