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HSB Canada Differences

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    At HSB Canada, helping customers drives all of our efforts

    Whether it is their need to better understand risk, prevent accidents and loss, or obtain specialty insurance products at a more affordable price, our specialists provide the solutions our customers need. In a world full of risk, we are uniquely qualified to address these issues because of a combination of factors:

    A.M. Best Company awarded its financial strength rating, A++ (Superior) to the Hartford Steam Boiler Group. A.M. Best's A++ (Superior) rating applies to The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada (BI&I), The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Hartford, Connecticut (HSB) and HSB Engineering Insurance Limited of the United Kingdom.

    HSB Canada has a full suite of services to help our insurer partners integrate specialty coverages into their own products, without adding staff or structure, to distinguish their offerings in the market, realize a new source of growth and create a competitive advantage.

    HSB Canada's skill in portfolio underwriting allows us to make vital coverages such as Equipment Breakdown less expensive to process and easier to distribute.

    HSB Canada has a superb reputation for fair and prompt claim service.

    Because of our competence and ability to execute, our partners trust us to work with them on their core business; in product development, underwriting, systems support, or building market acceptance and preference for new and enhanced coverages.

    HSB Canada is part of HSB Group and a proud member of the Munich Re family, that employs the largest inspection force of its kind in the world. Our staff is geographically positioned so that they are close to our customers and can respond to their needs faster and more efficiently. HSB Canada is a member of the HSB Group that owns the world's largest database of equipment failures and causes, giving us a more complete and accurate means of assessing risk.

    Over 50 percent of our employees have an engineering or technical background.

    Our advanced engineering knowledge gives HSB Canada customers an edge in understanding and managing risk. Our staff includes authorities in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, fire protection, infrared thermography, transformer oil testing and other specialized disciplines.

    At HSB Canada, we treat our customer's business as if it was our own. In everything we do and every aspect of your business that we touch we aim for perfection.

    Trust, reliability and responsiveness — that's what distinguishes HSB Canada.

    These reasons and more make HSB Canada not only the sound choice of a prudent buyer but also the best one.