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HSB offers more than just specialty insurance products and services. We are trusted partners to your business, providing valuable data-driven insights, technology, engineering and claims support.

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    HSB Canada

    “To be able to present new products to our clients and teach them their value, keeps me motivated every day.”

    Will Vainqueur, Client Manager

    New technologies help identify emerging risks, quickly access relevant data, and use what we’ve learned to predict our clients’ needs with new solutions that drive value.                                               

    “When we provide a recommendation to a client, it’s coming from years of experience and education.”

    Nordia Brown, Director Inspection Department

    Our on-the-ground inspection team sees things others may not see. We lead with technical expertise to empower our clients with industry-leading knowledge to face evolving risks.                                         

    HSB Canada
    HSB Canada

    “We are able to offer clients a deeper product lineup and share our knowledge, demonstrating our commitment to their business.”

    Drew Dempster, Manager Hamilton Regional Office, National MGA Coordinator

    Having strong, dedicated regional teams means delivering training, support and services that are relevant and timely. For us, it’s about creating valuable partnerships at all levels.

    “I believe innovation should be market-led. It’s understanding clients’ needs, as well as their evolving needs.”

    Lasith Lansakara, VP Client Solutions and Innovation

    Our innovation team is always collaborating with our partners to identify emerging risks and challenge the boundaries of traditional insurance. Leading-edge technology, such as IoT sensors, allow our partners to prevent loss and protect their business.                                

    HSB Canada
    HSB Canada

    "Talking to my colleagues about new ways of doing things is what motivates me the most because every day is something new. Transferring knowledge is incredibly important."

    Chantal Menard, Claims Manager

    We're always looking to better target the needs of our customers and respond to them efficiently by using our knowledge and new technologies. We succeed by working in partnership to go further together.

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