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Hydrogen Solutions

Conformity Assessment | Risk Mitigation | Quality Auditing | Supply Chain Qualification | Third Party Inspection

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    The hydrogen industry is gaining ground as a clean and carbon-free source of energy. You can trust in HSB to be the solution to your Third Party Inspection needs for every stage of the hydrogen life cycle process.

    In a hydrogen economy, increasing the use of hydrogen would help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and provide a way to store renewable energy. ASME has published standards to design and manufacture piping and vessels for hydrogen service for many years. HSB offers over 150 years of safety inspection expertise, extensive ASME Codes and Standards experience and providing customers’ Third Party Inspection services.

    Authorized Inspection Agency

    HSB is the world’s largest Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA) accredited by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). 

    We invest in the pressure equipment industry with the development of inspection requirements while maintaining one of the largest global inspection workforces. HSB’s experienced engineers and inspectors around the world allow us to cost-effectively serve the pressure equipment industry’s adoption of hydrogen processing equipment.

    Hydrogen's role in a carbon-neutral climate

    Hydrogen will have a role in the global energy transition to a carbon-neutral climate. Hydrogen management requires changes in equipment and handling that can be accomplished with new designs, equipment, and processes. HSB can provide a suite of solutions to deliver supply chain expediting, conformity assessment, quality assurance, qualification, surveillance, and risk mitigation ensuring safety and efficiency for your project needs.

    Hydrogen suite of solutions

    Supply Chain Expediting - HSB can ensure compliance with contractual conditions, specifications and applicable international codes and standards.

    Conformity Assessment - Our experts can develop Inspection Test Plans and perform Third Party Inspections to determine if a product meets relevant technical standards. Inspection activities may include testing, surveillance, inspection, and auditing.

    Quality Assurance - HSB can provide quality assurance through certifying your company to ISO Standards through our ISO Registrar Services.

    Vendor Qualification - Our experts can prequalify global suppliers based on the evaluation matrix and prepare a bidder's shortlist of capable suppliers prior to purchase. Additionally, our experts can provide recommendations to help suppliers improve quality.

    Vendor Surveillance - HSB, as an independent third party, can support your company with extensive inspection services during the manufacturing phase throughout the entire supply chain. This service can help ensure early detection of quality issues and help mitigate such issues prior to shipment.

    Risk Mitigation - Our experts can work with your company and subcontractors to help assess and identify areas of risk within a supply chain.

    Design Verification - HSB engineers will verify your design to ensure compliance with applicable standards.

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