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Customer analytics
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Customer analytics

Maximize the value of each customer

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    Data-driven solutions help you grow your bottom line

    Condensed time and contracted budgets require you to do more with less. But with our customer analytics solutions, your sales and marketing teams can leverage the power of your own customer data to allocate your resources more effectively.

    Our data-driven solutions help you gain valuable behavior insights, improve interactions and identify your highest-value customers.

    Customer Value Score

    We help you achieve quick wins by better understanding your customers, down to a segment of one. And we take a holistic, 360-degree approach – assessing each customer's loyalty, cross-selling potential and risk – to determining a customer's future profit potential, based on our proprietary Customer Value Score.
    Customer Analytics

    Why work with Munich Re

    • Deep data analytics expertise: more than 450 data science experts and citizen data scientists with state-of-the-art solutions
    • Strong domain knowledge: the full strength of our combined knowledge, resources and service
    • Robust technology: solutions that are automated, scalable and protect your sensitive data 
    • Long-term partnerships: shared success, with updated insights over time

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    Selected use cases

    For one of our customers, we helped them implement models into their operations that immediately boosted retention rates by 3 to 5 percent in their most attractive customer segments. Our customer went on to build on that basis and work with us to look for ways to further improve their customer retention.

    Selecting the best analytics approach, we predict the likelihood of a customer leaving your company’s services within the next months. This information can be combined with the overall value of the customer to define the next-best action with one objective in mind: keeping your most valuable customers that will drive your future profit.

    We provide your customer relationship management team and system with all the relevant information needed to effectively target your customers for loyalty programs and can increase your renewal success rate significantly, which will lead to increased revenues.

    We helped one of our customers implement cross-selling models, which led to a fivefold increased conversion for their top customer segments and helped their sales and marketing team become much more efficient in just one year.

    Our advanced cross- and upselling models identify and predict individual preferences based on the customer’s purchasing history. A second analytical model is then used to define the next-best action to target high-value and/or high-potential customers with the right product at the right time.

    We provide your direct sales team with leads from a strategic segmentation – driving up conversion rates for all cross- and up-selling activities – and we help you reduce marketing efforts while increasing customer satisfaction.

    We helped one of our customers use our Customer Value Score (CVS) to provide a predictive view on their customer base that transcended lines of business and operational departments. Our customer used CVS to drive strategic as well as tactical decisions in product development, marketing, sales and all CRM activities.

    Our proprietary Customer Value Score is the ultimate tool to assess the quality and sustainability of your portfolio now and for the foreseeable future. By aggregating the individual customer's future profit potential over your entire portfolio, we will provide you with a unique view of your business.

    We spot trends in sales and underwriting well before they appear in the regular business reporting, when it is too late to take action. We identify and analyze your most valuable customers in detail in order to shift the decision-making in core process toward maximizing customer value.

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