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Parlons risque

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    In the spring of 2003, Munich Re held a market event at La Villette, Paris entitled “Parlons risque” (Let’s talk risk), where we welcomed several hundred participants in just two days.

    Soon after this major event, our clients and staff decided to take advantage of the positive momentum and channel it into an ongoing dialogue at market level between participants and partners in the French insurance industry.

    Since then, lively discussion forums addressing present and future topics have taken place each year, complementing and enhancing the bilateral meetings held with our clients.

    The “Parlons risque” theme has been maintained and accurately sums up the objective of the forums: efficient and up-to-date risk management supported by dialogue and cooperation in a market that is constantly evolving.

    An overview of the topics covered over the past years:

    Date Main topics
    30 September Airport design is evolving in fascinating directions. As the vast majority of new airports are increasingly complex megastructures incorporating particularly broad spans and are being built in areas with disadvantageous soil conditions, the construction and operation of new airports pose challenges for risk managers and the insurance industry. It is no surprise, then, that the requirements being placed on new airports and the solutions designed to fulfil them were a special focus of this year’s “Parlons Risques” event, yet another in Munich Re’s longstanding series of meetings for the French market. This year’s event shed light on various ways of viewing risk from the standpoint of experts with global project experience and of course adopted a geological and engineering perspective in particular. With its rich history of aviation and present status as the home of Airbus Industries, Toulouse was obviously a very appropriate venue for a meeting at the expert level. The fascinating discussion of issues in airport design was lent a very practical, yet quite emotional note through a visit to Airbus Industries’ infrastructure, including its massive A380 megahangar. The participants’ feed-back encourages Munich Re to invest further in and share expert know-how regarding this type of risk, to offer appropriate solutions, and – last but not least – to continue the series of Parlons Risques meetings
    25 June The second episode in our series “Parlons Chiffres” for actuaries of our client companies. The following points were part of this years actuarial forum “Modelling of natural risks, a central instrument in managing insurance risks”: Meteorological and statistical theoretical foundations of NatCat Models Overview of vendor models Analysis of a portfolio and evaluation of modelling results (mapping, sums insured, indexation of historic claims) Presentation and comparison of methods for evaluating the catastrophic risk (CAT risk) under Solvency II.
    8 October In cooperation with CARITAT, the first actuarial forum tailored specifically to non-life actuaries was conducted under the slogan "Parlons Chiffres", focusing on topics relating to risk-based management and the estimation of claims settlement in long-tail business. The French actuarial association accredited the forum as a further-training event.
    5 October From the Tower of Babel to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai: Concept and realisation of extremely tall buildings
    29 June Renewable energies: solar power plants
    28 June Medical malpractice
    28 June Presentation of the rating and policy issuance tool Vie Allfinanz
    28 October The financial crisis and its impact on the French market
    24 November Genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
    29 and 30 September Photovoltaic systems and buildings
    19 June Tunnel Code of Practice

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