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    The Munich Re Life team in Munich includes experts with extensive knowledge and experience in the French Life insurance market.
    Whether meeting solvency requirements, achieving a financial rating target or improving competitiveness, financially motivated reinsurance can help life and health insurers enhance their risk and capital management. Financially motivated, or structured, reinsurance is an efficient management tool that responds individually and flexibly to each life insurer’s situation. It can contribute to optimising the client’s financial and solvency situation and capital management, while transferring some of the risks to the reinsurer.

    With considerable experience in France and throughout the world, our team is able to analyse with clients the solutions that this type of reinsurance can offer.
    Munich Re has designed a tool that enables clients to work on a partial internal model approach to life underwriting risk and to determine the effects of reinsurance within the framework of Solvency II. Our teams at Munich Re, use the tool, termed Biometric Risk Stochastic Modelling Approach (BRiSMA), to study together with clients the options for meeting Solvency II capital requirements by means of reinsurance.

    Under Solvency II, reinsurance remains a powerful tool in the management of required capital and Munich Re is in particular in a position to utilise its diversification and low counterparty risk to the advantage of its clients.
    With worldwide experience gathered since 1975 and in France since 1985, Munich Re has developed considerable expertise in long term care (LTC) risk, which we are able to share with our clients through:

    annual technical analyses for the French market, knowledge of other markets and existing products, our medical officers’ LTC expertise and government LTC workgroups.
    This places us in a position to offer innovative LTC products adapted to clients’ needs and strategy and to the market.
    Munich Re provides a French-language version of our online underwriting tool MIRA (Munich Re Internet Risk Assessor). Its rating manual of aggravated risks is continuously updated according to the latest medical knowledge, enabling French-speaking clients to assess risks as accurately, efficiently and consistently as possible.

    Our Medical Officer and rating team are also available to help clients study acceptance files requiring a more in-depth examination. The service generally takes place within 24 hours, with a maximum processing time of 48 hours.
    Munich Re has developed an automated underwriting tool that has become the leader in numerous markets thanks to its flexibility, ease of use and fast set-up.

    This tool allows consumers to take out insurance policies immediately in their homes, at banks or at an insurance agent’s office.