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    Webinar descriptions

    Tunnel risks - Reaching the light at the end of the tunnel

    Civil infrastructure is increasing in scale and complexity to support rapid population growth. Especially in dense urban areas where free surface area is sparce, more and more civil infrastructure, including for transport and utilities, is being constructed underground.

    Tunnelling projects feature a unique combination of risks, including the inherent uncertainties associated with ground conditions. To mitigate some of this risk, the tunnelling industry has been at the forefront of developing innovative new construction methods, such as tunnel-boring machines (TBMs). However, a residual risk always remains with tunnelling projects, and this is where construction insurance continues to play a vital role.

    This seminar provides an overview of the different tunnelling methodologies, major risks, loss experiences, insurance aspects and a look-ahead. Following the event, participants will have a better understanding of how the light at the end of the tunnel can be achieved (figuratively speaking, from an insurers’ perspective), even on the most challenging projects.

    Cyber insurance - Risk assessment and minimal technical requirements

    Find out details about the Munich Re Risk Assessment Process in cyber insurance with the latest findings from cyber underwriting.  

    Climate - Impact of climate change on natural catastrophes today

    The impact of climate change on the intensity and frequency of extreme weather events is not only projected for the future, it is already increasingly evident in events today. This has strong implications for risk assessment, as the current hazard level for some perils may no longer be adequately represented through historical data alone.

    This seminar focuses on the mechanisms through which climate change affects extreme weather around the world. Focus is on the attribution of climate change to relevant natural catastrophes today, with specific examples covering flood and storm perils in Europe and the US. An outlook for potential future developments is also provided.

    Global motor and mobility insurance trend radar - What will drive motor insurance in 2023 – Munich Re’s motor series

    Whilst motor insurance is the “bread and butter” segment for many insurers, this line of business has faced many very dynamic changes over the last years. Whereas 2020 and partially 2021 have proven to be very profitable years for motor underwriters due to pandemic restrictions, insurers are now faced with low premium levels, increasing frequencies and a massive surge in claims inflation. At the same time, new mobility services are scaling (to a greater or lesser extent) across markets and are challenging traditional retail motor insurance business models. This webinar gives an overview of the current motor market environment and dares to provide an outlook on what’s to come in 2024.  

    New Munich Re Wet Risks Endorsement - Civil structures in maritime waters such as harbours, jetties, breakwaters etc. are particularly exposed to wave action.

    This is especially true for structures under construction or undergoing renovation, as important protection measures may be missing or incomplete.
    Munich Re has developed a new wet risks endorsement to define the scope of cover in an all-risk policy for such exposures. The core element of this endorsement is a more modern definition of Normal Action of Sea. In Munich Re’s previously published wet risks endorsement, windspeed was used as a proxy to determine the current state of the respective sea or water body.
    We have since revised this concept, now applying significant wave height – a parameter which is also used for the design of these civil structures – as the loss trigger in the new endorsement.

    Data Analytics - Aspects of insurance portfolio management

    Portfolio management, i.e. the process of deciding what insurance business to write, is one of the key processes in an insurance company. Processes implemented vary greatly across firms, both due to the lack of direct regulatory requirements and the vastly differing contexts that the firms operate in. In our seminar, we will explore various aspects of portfolio management frameworks and also discuss how to implement business efficiently.

    EngineeringDefects exclusions

    The world of engineering has always been distinguished by stunning innovation and rapid change.

    Developments such as digitalisation, new production/construction methods and the increasing size and complexity of projects bring new risks as well as new business opportunities. To keep pace with these fast-moving developments, increasing risk expertise and partnership are required.

    This seminar deals with a variety of risks, from infrastructure schemes and industrial plants to special coverage concepts for projects under construction or in operation. Participants benefit from Munich Re's long-standing and global risk insights and resources.