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2022 Client Programme

The Client Management Team at Munich Re Canada would like to invite you or any members of your team to participate in our 2022 Webinar series.  Please complete the information below and submit.  You will receive an official invitation to your selected webinars after we have added you to our internal roster. 

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Webinar descriptions

Data Analytics - From technical knowledge to business value

Pricing sophistication can greatly improve the quality of your technical models. However, it is then crucial to be capable to transform this technical sophistication into business value and tangible actions.

Changing pricing coefficients impacts not only a single variable but the portfolio as a whole, including its composition. It is therefore key to fully master how tariff adjustments change the whole profitability by controlling mis-priced segments.

In this context, various profitability metrics and techniques will be introduced and examples on how to optimally use them will be provided / displayed.

Data Analytics - AutoML in pricing – When prediction becomes a commodity

The deluge of internal and external data, coupled with recent developments in cloud computing, are boosting the usage of machine learning in the insurance industry. One effect is that prediction is becoming a commodity, changing the role of pricing actuaries: less time for predictions, more time for decision-making.

In this seminar, we will present the latest developments in automated machine learning (ML) techniques for ratemaking, as well as how to exploit these new techniques.

Data Analytics - Boosting portfolio performance with price optimisation

The current environment highlights the need for optimal technical sophistication in insurance. While risk and demand modelling are fairly well known to many players in the industry, price optimisation tends to remain more confidential and privileged.

This seminar examines price optimisation for retail P&C products – both from a general and a detailed perspective – and also explains how to implement and use this approach to reach optimal portfolio performance.

ClimateEconomics of Climate Change

As governments, private enterprises, and consumers transition to a low-carbon way of life, global economies are profoundly changing. Climate change and the associated physical risks also have very direct and immediate effects on economies. This seminar will take a closer look at the macroeconomic effects of climate change, explore associated risks and possible solutions.