Data analytics
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Data analytics

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    The availability of internal and external data is exploding. Learn how you can harness new sources of information to better serve customers and better run your business

    Creative, intuitive and approachable analytics for your entire team

    Transform complex sets of new business and underwriting data into consumable and actionable intelligence for all key stakeholders in the new business and underwriting process.

    Expert dashboards out-of-the-box

    Interactive and dynamic dashboards, providing understandable analysis of your underwriting data, designed for business users. Dynamically filter and tweak results to see instant comparisons.

    Freedom to create bespoke dashboards

    ALLFINANZ Insight enables non-technical users to adapt and customize the software without the support of dedicated IT developers. Quickly and easily create bespoke dashboards dedicated to your specific needs.

    Cutting edge of data visualization

    Reveal insights through visually rich interfaces. Use latest in data visualization techniques to create multi-faceted views of data, where you can explore every dimension.

    A deeper, wider view

    Open a wider and deeper view into your data. Access and analyze data to enable extensive pipeline views, dive into the fine grain detail and reveal extensive, actionable insights.

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