The revolutionary way to grow your insurance business

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    Everything you need to revolutionise your business

    ALLFINANZ is the automated new business solution delivering complete end-to-end capabilities across automated underwriting and advanced analytics.

    With ALLFINANZ you can:

    • Put an end to slow, expensive manual processes
    • Free your business from the limitations of costly, hard-to-recruit people
    • Automate both routine and complex decisions
    • Let your underwriters focus on cases where they can add the most value
    • Get real-time access to valuable new sources of data for faster, more accurate decisions
    • Offer immediate cover at point of sale, reducing the risk of policies not being taken up
    • Stay compliant with key industry regulations
    • Gain in-depth business insights into your operations so you can identify bottlenecks, test new approaches and improve how you work 


    Grow your business your way

    ALLFINANZ is about one thing and one thing only: helping you revolutionise your business.

    Its modular design means you can decide exactly how you want to work. And because it's underwriting agnostic, you're free to use the built-in starter rulebook, rulebooks from other re-insurers or to design your own with our easy-to-use rules designer application. It's your business and your choice. 

    Plays nice with others

    We understand that you already have legacy technology in place that you'll probably want to support and maintain. So we've made ALLFINANZ easy to integrate with both your existing systems and with new analytical tools and third-party data sets as they become available. It means you can spend more time driving business and less time on painful integrations. 

    All the tools and capabilities you need

    ALLFINANZ offers modules spanning core services, integrations and analytics. Simply, it gives you the power and flexibility to tailor your solution to your specific needs and objectives. 
    Automate both simple and complex decisions and accelerate your time-to-cover.
    The ALLFINANZ solution can integrate with predictive models as well as internal and external third-party data providers enabling you to reach accurate decisions faster and deliver a more compelling customer experience.
    Allowing you to easily create, adapt and amend your underwriting rules for any product, channel, language or geography in real time.
    To significantly accelerate manual underwriting by giving your experts exactly the information they need to make more informed decisions.
    Enabling you to design, evolve and streamline the customer interview process to deliver a better transformed customer experience across all digital devices.
    Helping you make sense of vast amount of data, giving you actionable intelligence and deep insights into the performance of your business, via easily consumable dashboards and reports.

    Discover how ALLFINANZ can revolutionise the way you do business.

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