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The life insurance revolution to transform your business

ALLFINANZ SPARK is the catalyst for change

Transforming the life insurance customer journey and experience, ALLFINANZ SPARK is our new cloud-based business, digital life insurance underwriting and analytics solutions designed to deliver everything you need quickly.

With SPARK’s automated underwriting system and capabilities you can reduce many of the routines cases that take up so much of your underwriters’ valuable time.

With access to new sources of data and insights, you can make better decisions much faster.

Improving the efficiency of your automated underwriting processes by digitisation and the use of artificial intelligence has never been more important, and that’s exactly what SPARK does.

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ALLFINANZ SPARK is the catalyst for change
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The tools and capabilities you need

Automate simple and complex decisions, accelerate time-to-cover and free up underwriters’ valuable time
Turn expertise into process and easily evolve rules to reflect new information, shifts in the market and changing business strategy
Make better, faster decisions, understand how your business is performing and identify areas for improvement
Sell in new ways to new markets with anytime access to the solution, improve customer experience and attract new forward-thinking agents
Provide consistent, evidence-based cover and remain compliant with key industry regulations

Are you ready to revolutionise your business with our SPARK solution? If so, get in contact with us today.

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