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    1.  Standard Data Service.

    1.1       On the anniversary of the Effective Date and each subsequent anniversary thereafter, the Supplier shall commence an annual deep dive analyse of the Customer Data. During the Subscription Term, the Supplier shall provide four annual deep dive analyses and reports in total. Each annual deep dive shall consist of three stages: (1) engagement, (2) analysis and (3) the report as set out at 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 of this schedule.

    1.2       Engagement.

    (a) The Supplier shall engage and liaise with the Customer to enable the Supplier to obtain a better understanding of the Customer’s specific business processes so as to align the analysis with the Customers business priorities.

    (b) During the engagement stage, the Customer shall (i)  make available to the Supplier, personnel to liaise with the Supplier and provide the information reasonably requested by the Supplier in order to allow the Supplier to provide the Standard Data Service; and (ii) provide to the Supplier a list of the data fields it requires to be included in the Standard Data Service analysis.

    1.3       Analysis. The scope of the analysis shall include:

    (i) data validation;

    (ii) rule book structure and development;

    (iii) demographic, distribution, and product profiling;

    (iv) operational performance (including (a) underwriting outcome performance and (b) process performance);

    1.4       Report. On conclusion of the analysis pursuant to clause 1.3 above, the supplier shall deliver to the Customer a report containing (i) overview of the Customer business; (ii) Customer rule book analysis; (iii) suggested target areas for improvements to Customer’s underwriting application processing; and (iv) suggested next steps for the Customer.

    2.      Additional Data Services.

    2.1       In addition to the Standard Data Service, the Parties may agree that Additional Data Services shall be provided to the Customer by the Supplier during the Subscription term. The details of same including a description of the relevant Additional Data Service; the fees payable and the applicable terms and conditions shall be set out in an Order Form issued pursuant to this Agreement.