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Technical Risk Division

Typical Technical Risk clients include:
Power Generation

  • Public Utilities
  • Co-Generation
  • Bio-Mass
  • IPP's
  • Pulp Mills-Kraft, TMP, CTMP
  • Tissue, Newsprint
  • OSB, MDF Mills
Chemical, Oil&Gas
  • Oil and Gas
  • Pipelines, Compressor Stations
  • Chemical Plants
  • Fully Integrated Steel Mills
  • Mini-Mills, Aluminum Mills
  • Mining-U/G
  • Placer, Open Pit Mining
  • Coal Mines

Advantages of Working with Us

Effective Teamwork

We assign an account executive, a claims specialist and an account engineer who work in partnership with our clients to manage and reduce risk. They form an effective team to reduce the total cost of risk and claims for each of our clients.


We understand that every risk situation is unique. To meet the individual needs of our client, we have designed our policies to be either issued as stand alone policies, as part of sectionalized programs or as partners in All Risk packages with prominent industrial property insurers. In this way, our Technical Risks Division can work together with each client to provide the best coverage for every risk situation.

Global Capability

With the globalization of the world economy and many of our clients' interests, we have responded by expanding our capabilities. We are able to tap into the considerable international strength of The HSB Group (www.hsb.com) as well as Munich Re. This allows us to increasingly respond to your international risk management needs.


Our specialization gives us a greater understanding of risk.

With highly unique exposures, the Forest Sector presents special challenges to the insurance industry. Our Technical Risks Division has responded to these challenges through the formation of account teams of industry specialists who manage the types of risk presented by the Forest Industry.

Value Added Services

Our inspection specialists are trained in all aspects of the manufacture of forest products. These teams of specialists work closely with our Forest Industry clients through scheduled visits to help identify and manage risks on a regular basis. Subsequent to each visit the team issues a loss prevention report (available in either English or French).


We understand the unique processes and equipment inherent to the Forest Sector. Our specialized underwriters are able to provide custom designed policies that realistically address the exposures. BI&I can therefore provide insurance through a stand alone policy, as part of a sectionalized program or as a partner in an All Risk package.

  • Specialized Underwriting
  • Risk Analysis
  • Expert Engineering Support
  • Loss Prevention and Reduction
  • Effective Teamwork
  • Risk Management Support
Typical Exposures
  • Steam Turbines
  • Yankee Dryer Failure
  • Suction Press Roll Failure
  • Transformer Failure
  • Boiler Low Water Conditions
  • Refiner Breakdown
  • Granite Roll Failure
  • Waferboard / OSB Press Failures

Power Generation

We are the specialists

When it comes to insurance for power generating facilities, BI&I is the expert. Our experience is unsurpassed. Whether a small hydro generating plant, a non utility-owned generating location (N.U.G.), Co-Generation complex or a Provincial Utility, BI&I is the company that most understands your needs.

A Team Of Professionals

Our Technical Risks Division is built on teamwork. Your account team is comprised of an account executive, a claims specialist, an account engineer and inspection specialists. Their combined experience in risk analysis, loss prevention and underwriting can result in the reduction of total cost of risk for our clients. Through regularly scheduled meetings and visits with the Utilities' operating, maintenance and management staff, our team works in partnership with our clients and brokers to ensure the lines of communication are always open.

Excellence In Inspection & Engineering

We pride ourselves as having the best insurance utility engineering and inspection force in Canada. Our utility inspection professionals are highly trained specialists who can provide a wide variety of loss prevention experience. Our power generation clients, engineers and risk managers alike, consider the loss prevention information that we provide on utilities, IPP's and N.U.G.'s to be of great value. We know you'll agree that our approach to risk management adds a dynamic new perspective to the risk control process.

BI&I Specializes In:
  • utilities
  • independent power producers
  • co-generation
  • combined cycle
  • small hydro power plants
  • N.U.G.'s
  • waste to energy (bio-mass)
Coverage For Many Exposures:
  • turbine overspeed
  • generator damage
  • transformer failure
  • boiler explosions
  • electrical arcing


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