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The new equipment breakdown standard

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TechAdvantageTM :
Microelectronics Coverage

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Risk Solutions

TechAdvantageTM :
Adds Cloud Computing to Data Restoration

Covers data lost when stored and managed by a cloud computing service provider which experiences an equipment breakdown.
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Risk Solutions

TechAdvantageTM :
Adds Cloud Computing to Service Interruption

Pays for business interruption and extra expense when a cloud computing service provider experiences an outage caused by equipment breakdown.

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TechAdvantageTM :
Off Premises Transportable Objects Coverage

Equipment breakdown coverage for laptops, devices and other transportable objects anywhere in Canada and USA.

Risk Solutions

TechAdvantageTM :
Covers Public Relations

Helps manage business reputation that may become damaged by business interruption due to equipment breakdown.

All Systems Go Plus®, enhanced with TechAdvantageTM
Unlimited* equipment breakdown coverage, now broader with state-of-the-art enhancements.
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Reinvented equipment breakdown coverage for a new reality
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