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Topics Risk Solutions 2/2015

Reputations under attack

Improved safeguards: The financial losses from a cyber attack and the resulting loss of reputation can now be insured.

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Topics Geo Natural Catastrophes 2014

Harsh winter

Normally snow-free areas of Japan were hit by heavy blizzards in 2014. As the snow piled higher, so did the losses.

Topics 1/2015

Big Data

Analysis is the key with big data. But business processes can only be improved if the right conclusions are drawn from the mass of data available.
TOPICS Online: Economics from a risk perspective

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Topics Schadenspiegel 2/2014

Cyber risks

Thanks to the internet, anyone seeking to harm a company today stands a good chance of succeeding.
Construction crew.

Property/Casualty Reinsurance

Always one step ahead

As a leading reinsurer, we deal with the issues that affect business and society and work to devise cutting-edge risk management and risk transfer solutions that render tomorrow's world insurable.
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Specialty Markets

Custom risk transfer solutions

We understand all forms of risk structures. Our custom, risk-transfer solutions include both admitted and non-admitted niche products for alternative market entities, MGAs, MGUs and Program Administrators.

Knowledge and resources

Fiber optics

Weather Resilience and Protection (WRAP)

Knowledge and expertise to help our various stakeholders prepare for and recover from the impacts of severe weather.


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Research Spotlight

Our “FOCUS ON” series of publications are condensed versions of research papers designed to offer perspective on new and emerging risks our clients face.

Autonomous Vehicles: Considerations for Personal and Commercial Lines Insurers

Autonomous Vehicles: Considerations for Personal and Commercial Lines Underwriters

Autonomous vehicle technology promises significant economic and societal benefits by preventing accidents. What are the insurance implications?

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