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Protection against cyber breaches

Data breaches and ransomware attacks are constantly in the news, leading many organizations to question how prepared they are for such events. Companies are looking for ways to mitigate risk, primarily through cyber insurance. Over the past five years, nearly 10 billion records have been lost, stolen or exposed, with an average of five million records compromised every day. Most organizations confirm they have now suffered at least one cyber incident, but they may not realize these incidents’ full impact. As businesses and consumers become more aware of the risks associated with cyber attacks through internet use, demand for cyber insurance increases.

Full product support, flexibility

Munich Re’s turnkey product offering rethinks cyber insurance by providing full product support. With our cyber toolkit, we offer primary insurers what they need to enter a new market, including:

  • Technical expertise,
  • Reinsurance capacity
  • Risk management portal
  • Cyber training
  • Access to post-breach third party service providers

We support clients that want to enter the cyber market now but have the goal of expanding their internal cyber capability and expertise over time. We’re the only insurer with full flexibility to support an industry-standardized product and a willingness to support our client’s proprietary cyber product. And unlike other reinsurers, we don’t require our clients to offer a reinsurer-mandated cyber product and limit you from participating in the risk.

Our flexibility enables clients to grow into the business and differentiate themselves.


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