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Project RENT

We are confident that renewables are the energy source of tomorrow and we are therefore exploring investments in wind farms, solar farms and new technologies designed to increase generating capacity. Our strategic focus now features a new investment segment – “Renewable Energies and New Technologies” (RENT) – designed to include in our investment portfolio sustainable investments offering an acceptable level of risk and attractive returns.

The RENT investment project was launched by our parent company, Munich Re, In Germany in mid-2010. Since then, our investment committee, along with experts from MEAG (our asset manager) have been sounding out the potential for strategic investment in renewable energy and new technologies, in a move aimed primarily at energy generation from non-fossil sources. We are particularly interested in the efficiency and energy-saving aspects. Our commitment to sustainability also brings with it risk-return advantages, since this form of investment has been shown to be profitable and entail moderate risk. 


Applying Our Knowledge
The RENT initiative focuses mainly on solar and wind farm investments. Geothermal energy, biogas and other attractive projects in the field of renewable energy and new technologies are also being considered. We assess the risk of such investments and participations drawing on our expertise in technology and location analysis, areas where our insurance and reinsurance specialists have built up substantial experience over the years.

Engineers from our affiliate, Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co. and its subsidiary companies HSB Engineering Insurance Limited and Solomon Associates are playing an important role in due diligence of potential RENT investments. In fact, Munich Re’s recent decision to invest in a wind park portfolio relied heavily on the engineering experience in renewable energies of the HSB companies, whose engineering staff performed preliminary assessments of the components used and validated and compiled technical due diligence for the project.

RENT investments, which are spread over a range of renewables sectors, promote technological growth.

Consolidating synergy effects, developing new products
This new strategic focus will enable us to exploit synergies between the investment side and our core business, and we are confident that our underwriting, location-analysis and technology expertise will bring significant advantages with regard to making suitable investment choices. At the same time, the knowledge we gain from working with new renewable energy partners will be a useful resource for the development of new products.


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