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Performance Management

Our performance culture encourages and supports individual contribution and the achievement of shared goals that bring out the best in our people.

Our performance management process is a collaborative partnership in which employees and their managers establish performance goals that support both the company’s business objectives and individual development.

From a corporate perspective, the process aligns individual and divisional efforts with the goals of the company. In this way, we are all working to bring the best risk solutions to our clients.

Performance Management
Our global performance management process measures employees contributions to achieving balanced scorecard objectives, personal development and competencies. 

Performance management also serves as the basis for managers to review performance, provide feedback and recognize individual contributions. An important part of the process is the dialogue that takes place between manager and employee throughout the year and binds the process together.

Through formal and informal feedback, employees gain a clear sense of purpose and direction.

Leadership Development
Our talent management process is used to continually develop some of our best talent to become the leaders of the future. It is used throughout the company to identify, evaluate and develop top performers with leadership potential throughout the company to enable them to take on more advanced and/or strategically important leadership positions. 

Employee Recognition Programs
In addition to the annual salary and bonus review process which rewards employee performance, the Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. Recognition Program is designed to recognize outstanding achievement and promote positive behaviors that support Individual, Division and Corporate Scorecard objectives and the Munich Re group's mission.

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