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    Tackling risk assessment from multiple perspectives

    We are proud to offer customers a variety of options that support sound risk assessment techniques. Our Special Case Unit provides expert risk analysis on older age insureds and also routinely handles large face amount/high premium cases of all ages. Our team of medical directors is recognized nationally and globally for expertise in emerging medical and risk selection issues. Our Risk Management Unit includes experts who study risk trends and work diligently to help our clients understand the risks we share.

    Advancements in medicine and transformative thinking are creating profound opportunities 

    Earlier detection and diagnoses are helping people recover and thrive. Personalized and quantified medicine have the potential to change how diseases are diagnosed, treated and even cured. Seemingly unrelated industries like 3D printing, augmented reality (AR) and robotics are impacting how healthcare is delivered and have the potential to change outcomes. Understanding these dynamics and how they impact health and longevity is becoming increasingly important to good insurance product development, underwriting and customer engagement. 

    Client Solutions


    MAPS™ — Machine Learning for APS — uses optical character recognition (OCR) and natural language processing (NLP) to read an APS. Machine learning then assigns an underwriting recommendation based on the information in the APS. Underwriters receive a fully searchable APS in PDF format and a recommendation for the action to be taken.

    MAPS™ can be used to automate decisions, triage applications by impairment or accelerate review of an APS.  

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    Munich Re’s EDGE™ underwriting manual takes an evidence-based approach to determining risk and expanding insurability. EDGE™ is accessible anytime, anywhere via computer, tablet or smartphone and is thoughtfully designed for use by underwriters at all levels of experience.

    EDGE™ offers 14 calculators which produce transparent, referenced results, keeping you in control of the final result.

    Primary Contacts
    Mike Happold
    Second Vice President, Underwriting Services
    Gina Guzman
    Dr. Gina Guzman
    Vice President & Chief Medical Officer
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