Medicine and Machine Learning
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Medicine and Machine Learning

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    December 2020

    The entire risk assessment ecosystem continues to evolve. In North America, Munich Re has focused our efforts on bringing together data science and risk assessment through the innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive models. The webinar “Medicine and Machine Learning” explores the impact of machine learning on medical practices and how that applies to risk assessment.

    Dr. Tim Meagher, Munich Re Canada’s Medical Director, provides a case for how machine learning can contribute to improving the healthcare system as we know it.

    This is the first webinar in Munich Re’s new five-part North American series exploring innovations in underwriting and data science.


    • Gaps in healthcare: Medical care is currently costly, wasteful, and inefficient. We identify and analyse the healthcare industry’s challenges that can be potentially addressed through technology and digitization.
    • Machine learning in medicine today: Medical students today are already being phased into an environment where leveraging data is essential for providing accurate and efficient healthcare service. We explore how big data and other advancements in data science are making strides in the medical world.
    • The future of machine learning in medicine: What is the likeliness of HealthTech providing better and more effective healthcare systems and contributing to the development of new, individualized concepts of health in medicine?

    Watch a recording of the webinar and download the executive summary for more information.

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