Digital Strategy Through the Underwriting Lens
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Digital Strategy Through the Underwriting Lens

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    December 2020

    With an estimated 90% of the world’s data collected in the last two years, digital strategies are evolving rapidly. But how do we make business decisions with all the data that is available? What does it mean for underwriting?

    Adnan Haque, AVP, Integrated Analytics, and Dave Goehrke, AVP, Underwriting, Biometric Research and Accelerated Underwriting, expand on how insurers and reinsurers are reinventing their underwriting processes to adapt to a new reality of data and digitization.

    This is the final webinar in Munich Re’s new five-part North American series exploring innovations in underwriting and data science.


    • Why data matters: Digital data in the underwriting profession allows for forward-thinking business decisions that satisfy both the carrier and the policyholder. In this webinar, we explore what it means to be “digital.”
    • Models in life insurance: How much of a competitive edge can digitization provide? We investigate the ways data, algorithms, and machine learning can be leveraged to provide insights on mortality experience and risk section.
    • Digital possibilities in the real world: COVID-19 has highlighted the urgent need for digital solutions in the modern world.  How can having digital strategies help businesses stay prepared and outmaneuver uncertainty? 

    Watch a recording of the webinar and download the executive summary for more information.

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    Adnan Haque
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