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Roanoke Impact Insurance – The Q-Policy

Quality Impact Insurance – The Roanoke Q-Policy

Insuring the Invisible

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    The Roanoke Q-Policy is a revolutionary insurance covering the quality impact on shipped wines.

    What is this type of insurance?

    Hidden claims that would not have been discovered until long after transport has ended can now be identified in real time.

    Too much exposure to inadequate temperature can lead to a change in taste and aroma. This may have impact not only on the wine quality but – as a consequence – also on your reputation and brand. In addition to the traditional all risk cargo insurance a quality impact policy provides comprehensive coverage for value reduction of your wines based on predefined loss parameters. 

    The loss parameters are measured by sensors moving with the cargo. They have been defined by extensive testing of multiple wine types by the Wine Institute of the University of Geisenheim located in the German wine region.

    What is the benefit?

    We want to keep quality the way it is supposed to be.
    Covering invisible damage and undiscovered losses.
    Bringing cargo insurance and supply chain visibility to the next level.
    Identifying the gap in the supply chain for non visible damages and offering individual solutions.
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    We insure the quality of wine. This means that the wine tastes the way it is supposed to.

    We do this by means of a data and sensor based insurance solution that will identify the gap in the supply chain for non-visible damages. This is how we are different from traditional covers.

    We help prevent damage. In case of a loss, payments arrive quick and easy - ideally even before the shipment.
    Revolutionary cover:
    Insuring quality of products.
    We can help minimize interruption of the supply chain.
    The data based insurance solution that ensures the quality of commodities – in real time.

    Simple product understanding

    The transfer of an impact score into a color coding system which quantifies the payout in case of a significant change in quality. 
    Perfect shipment & no quality impact
    Quick & easy payout
    of 40% of the full sum insured
    Total loss & quick payment
    of 80% of the full sum insured

    When and how do you pay?

    Typically, annually at inception. Your premium may be subject to adjustment on expiry based on a declaration of actual values.

    When does the cover start and end?

    Typically the policy is for a period of 12 months commencing on the date  stated in the policy schedule.

    How do I cancel the contract?

    The policy includes provision for cancellation by either party giving typically  30 days’ notice. 

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