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Inspections Credentials

Canada’s premier equipment breakdown expert

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    We are a leading provider of jurisdictional inspections in accordance with provincial codes, and policy-driven inspection services.

    HSB employs the largest inspection force of its kind in Canada. Our inspection and engineering team is among the most experienced in the industry and has a longstanding reputation for being knowledgeable and thorough.

    We believe that loss is not inevitable - it can be prevented. We help our customers manage risk and prevent loss in a number of ways.

    An inspector holding a tablet and wearing a hard hat
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    Jurisdictional inspections are conducted in Ontario and Quebec, and may be combined with loss prevention visits.

    An Inspection Report or Certificate of Inspection is issued onsite or from one of our regional offices.

    Any loss prevention or code recommendations are discussed and a loss prevention report is provided post inspection if required.

    Loss prevention inspections

    The frequency of loss prevention inspections is based on the type and value of equipment covered.

    Our inspectors and engineers provide technical recommendations where appropriate.  

    Expertise is provided for business continuity and contingency planning.