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Claims managers deliver on our promise

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    Are you looking to make a difference and challenge yourself? Managing claims is about more than settling. It’s laying the groundwork for rebuilding after disaster strikes. 

    Making the world of risks manageable

    Natural disasters, blackouts, rocket false starts, construction defects - as insurers and reinsurers, we cannot prevent these and other catastrophes for our clients, but we can ensure that restoration can begin immediately after a loss. Our claims managers play a critical role in this process and have to perform a variety of tasks as well as meet diverse needs. They are the ones who coordinate and mediate between the interests of all parties involved in a claim.

    Claiming demands experience, communication skills & empathy

    Our Claims Manager are promoting Munich Re in various projects.

    Conscientious examination & skillful negotiation

    A key task of our Claims department is to protect Munich Re's balance sheet. Therefore, during a claims settlement, they check, among other things, whether measures can be taken to mitigate losses in a way that benefits all parties involved - our clients and, where appropriate, injured individuals or companies. Claims managers assess our exposure and also set up appropriate provisions for catastrophic events.
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    At Munich Re, there are top experts all around you. To solve risk accumulation and automatic NatCat quotation, geographers and underwriters work on risk maps. IT architects use remote sensing, image processing, big data and AI to improve loss assessment and claims efficiency.
    Munich Re Greater China, Peking
    Head of Claims

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    You are an expert passionate about your field and curious to explore new horizons. As a team player with excellent communication skills you thrive in diverse settings. You are all of this and more?

    What we look for in claims managers

    Analytical, detail-minded and solution oriented
    Outstanding communication skills
    Customer orientation and high level of initiative
    Ability to work in a team, social and intercultural competence

    Challenges in the Claims Department

    As Claims Manager, it is your job to assess the extent and complexity of a loss. You will also determine whether and to what extent Munich Re is obliged to compensate for the loss incurred. You will work closely with underwriters, client managers and Munich Re lawyers around the world to review policy wordings and coverage. You will also examine whether the claims are covered on the merits and in terms of amount.
    Investigating the causes of damage, assessing damage with the help of independent experts and expert witnesses and inspecting damage directly on site are also part of your daily tasks.
    As a claims expert, you are excellent at negotiating and communicating. If necessary, you support your clients in negotiations with injured parties and coordinate the interests of all parties involved in the claims settlement. You also discuss coverage and liability issues directly and independently with the primary insurance client.
    141 Years of experience in risk management
    1st Place
    1st place on the list of the top 50 reinsurance groups worldwide
    Nr. 1
    Market leader in cyber risk management
    1,211 million € is the consolidated profit as of December 31, 2020.

    Current topics from Munich Re in the area of risks

    Hailstorms with large hailstones can cause extreme damage, especially when they hit conurbations. Such severe hailstorms in particular will increase significantly in Europe long term if climate change is not consistently curbed. This is the conclusion of a new study by Munich Re in cooperation with the European Severe Storms Laboratory (ESSL). 
    Driving assistance systems already make it possible to use largely automated vehicles in road traffic. Therefore it should only be a matter of time before fully automated vehicles are also ready for series production. How does this affect liability for damages in car accidents?
    The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) fascinates many people. Therefore, media coverage and public discussion are intense. Even though development is still in its early stages and there are only a few ways of using it in everyday life, the possibility of using AI already raises a number of questions. For example: Who is liable if AI causes harm to third parties? Will the use of AI lead to changes in liability law? And last but not least: What are the implications for the insurance needs of those involved?
    After a damaging event, the Claims Manager plays a central role.
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    After a damaging event, the Claims Manager plays a central role.

    One area – diverse career opportunities

    At Munich Re, no two careers are the same. This gives you the opportunity to tailor your own career to your individual needs and goals and to shape it yourself. We are happy to support and advise you in all your plans and offer you development options that also take your respective circumstances into account. Do you want to develop new methods and tools for underwriters? Or do you plan to specialize in non-life reinsurance? Or perhaps your goal is to help shape pricing in the primary insurance business? For all these goals and more, we offer you suitable career steps.

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    You are an expert passionate about your field and curious to explore new horizons. As a team player with excellent communication skills you thrive in diverse settings. You are all of this and more?