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Munich Re, US is committed to saving lives, building safer communities and preventing losses. In the spirit of innovation and education, we’re bringing a new kind of exhibition to industry events this year. Our Tornado VR experience gives you a front row seat to the power and destruction of an F2 tornado, demonstrating the importance of resiliency for adapting to severe weather. 

Sneak preview

Sneak Preview
Munich Re, US’s Tornado VR Experience demonstrates the damage and destruction this phenomenon can cause. Visit our booth at a number of upcoming industry events for the full effect, or view the video on YouTube with any VR glasses set.
Experience Now
View our Tornado Experience Now
To achieve the full Tornado VR experience, use the YouTube app with a VR device. The video is a 360 degree film, but works best with VR devices.

For best results, use Google Cardboard. If using Samsung Galaxy Gear VR glasses, please click here for instructions on how to use.

Tornadoes in the USA  

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Getting your life back to normal faster with resilient practices.


Munich Re provides one of the most comprehensive databases for analyzing and evaluating natural catastrophes.

NATHAN Risk Suite

Munich Re's NATHAN Risk Suite helps you assess the risks of natural hazards around the world.


Our new app puts the latest building smarter, more resilient structures in the hands of homeowners, contractors and architects.

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