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Schadenspiegel 02/2016

Devastating wildfires have plagued California and Australia for many years. However, the firestorm that raged in the province of Alberta in May 2016 was unusually severe for Canada, with the fires in and around Fort McMurray becoming one of the most expensive natural catastrophes in the country’s history. This issue of Topics Schadenspiegel focuses on the cause of the fires, the damage they were responsible for, and the specific challenges that were thrown up for residents, authorities and insurers.

Firestorm in Fort McMurray

Wildfires raging out of control result in the most expensive natural disaster in Canadian history.

Wildfire - Causes, losses & consequences

Hazard zones are well known, but wildfires still often cause significant losses in unexpected locations.

Well worth the effort

Avenues for recovery should be explored, even for nat cat losses.


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