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The magazine for insurers

TOPICS online offers an insight into Munich Re's think tank in short news items, portraits, interviews and event reports. The magazine takes a clear stand on insurance issues and presents trends and the most recent solutions and services.

Text, images, animation and video are all used to present the insurance industry’s broad spectrum of activities in a clear and entertaining way. We take a look behind the scenes at Munich Re and show you what makes us tick. We introduce interesting personalities, examine topics of current interest in the world of insurance and finance, and present trends as well as the latest solutions and services.

Published on an ongoing basis TOPICS Online takes full advantage of the media diversity the internet has to offer. Texts, images, animated graphics and videos provide clear and entertaining explanations of the insurance industry and its broad range of activities.

Create your very own issue

With a single click of the mouse, you can put together your very own issue of TOPICS Online. Simply select a heading in our archive, and the screen will display all the articles on, for example, property or risk management in chronological order.

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Find out more about how Munich Re converts knowledge and experience into solutions in the current issue of Topics Online.

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