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Access films describing our business areas of focus, risk and underwriting knowledge and business practices.

Quality Actuarial Submissions

Duration: 4:35

Senior actuarial analyst Seth Ehrlich explains how quality actuarial submissions can help program administrators minimize price fluctuations from one year to the next.


3D Printing

Duration: 5:57

Desktop 3D printing is expected to radically impact manufacturing processes and even the economy. Specialty Markets' Jimmy Curcio describes some of the insurance considerations.


Public-Private Partnerships

Duration: 5:43

Senior Vice President Jeff Welsh, CPCU, AU addresses some common questions public risk managers have when exploring public-private partnership (P3) agreements.


Program Filings

Duration: 6:06

Program Manager Louis Fischl answers some of the most common questions program administrators have about the filing process.


Terrorism Risk Insurance Reauthorization Act of 2015 (TRIPRA)

Duration: 6:30

TRIPRA, signed into law in January 2015, contains several changes to the amounts that must be paid by the insurance companies.


Predictive Analytics

Duration: 4:30

Many insurers are taking a new look at policyholder data they already have and how data from third parties can help improve customer service, better predict claim outcomes, fine-tune pricing, and more.


Autonomous Vehicles

Duration: 4:03

With autonomous vehicle technologies, advancements in vehicle safety extend beyond keeping people safe in a crash, to avoiding the crash altogether.


Cyber Risk


Senior Vice President Keith Farrell provides a quick overview of first-party and third-party cyber risk liability, looks at the waterfall effects of a loss and offers risk management strategies for dealing with cyber risks.

Piracy - Munich Re

The power of risk research


Natural catastrophes and especially severe weather events are increasing in frequency and severity all over the world - and the USA is no exception.

Piracy - Munich Re

40 years of Geo Risks Research


Systematically recording, analysing and investigating climate change, natural catastrophes and their disastrous consequences: those are the core tasks of the Geo Risks Research unit that Munich Re set up 40 years ago.

Andrew was a wake-up call for the insurance industry


Hurricane Andrew changed natural hazard risk assessment.

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