Nanotechnology: A pervasive technology whose risks are just beginning to be understood.

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The future for nanotechnology is expansive and robust.

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The future for nanotechnology is expansive and robust. The field is rapidly growing and already a major part of the manufacturing landscape, impacting a myriad of consumer, industrial and health related products.

Nanotechnology is embedded in the products or processes of nearly every major industry and has become a mainstay of product enhancement. These enhancements will likely generate value and benefit, but may also create new risks and loss scenarios that could directly impact the (re)insurance industry.

With the benefits come risk, perhaps significant risk. Understanding and managing that risk is one of challenges of the insurance industry. The lack of data and other definitive loss predictive information means that underwriters need to rely more on qualitative underwriting measures. Some of the broad topics to consider include: class selection; risk selection and management; and coverage selection.

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