Cyberrisks: Challenges, strategies and solutions for insurers

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Cyber Risks: Challenges, strategies and solutions for insurers

Cyber attacks are a reality – companies need to prepare themselves

Advancements in the IT sector are opening up new applications, but also creating new risks. So-called cyberrisks pose mounting challenges for companies, and corporate risk management needs to consider the threat of losses in turnover and reputational damage.

Rapid progress in the IT sector has consequences for insureds and insurers alike. The failure of IT systems can lead to substantial disruptions of both public and private life. Our power supply and healthcare systems are just as dependent upon the uninterrupted operation of IT systems as are our industries, commerce and transport.

In this publication, Munich Re’s experts present in concise form their knowledge and insights regarding the scope of cyberrisks and their implications for the insurance industry, analyzing the most recent trends and risk scenarios and introducing the latest insurance solutions.

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