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Industrial Clients Contact

Corporate Insurance Partner Division: Technical Engineering Risks

Doug Akerson
Senior Vice President
Phone: +1 212 887-6050
Eric Herbst
Vice President, Senior Underwriter
Phone: +1 860 856-1560
Kenneth Welsh
Vice President, Underwriter
Phone:+1 312 993-3627
Kathleen Bouey
Vice President, Underwriter
Phone: +1 415 395-4564
Stefan Mathijssen 
Vice President
Phone: +1 212 887-6017
Art Alvarez
Vice President
Phone: +1 832 427-7964
Hector Raymond
Vice President, Risk Engineering Manager
Phone: +1 978 518-6422

Corporate Insurance Partner Division: Large Property Risks

Edward Leibrock
Senior Vice President
Phone: +1 212 887-6043
Gordon Avron
Senior Vice President, Underwriter
Phone: +1 212 887-6037
Jaime Echerivel
Vice President
Phone: +1 312 993-8478
Marion Kolb
Phone: +1 212 887-6041
Stephen Simmons
 Phone: +1 212 887-6010

Corporate Insurance Partner Division: Special Enterprise Risks

Gay Chung, CPCU, ARM
Senior Vice President,
Special Enterprise Risk Team Leader
Phone: +1 415 834-3719
Alvaro Nunez Andrada
Business Development Manager
Phone: +1 415 834-3750
Paul Basilius
Cyber Solutions Team Lead
Phone: +1 212 887-6006
Michael Berger
Business Development Manager
Jay Goldin
Senior Business Development Manager
 Phone: +1 415 395-4572

Corporate Insurance Partner Division: Liability Risks

Mercantile Exchange Building
30 South Wacker Drive
38th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606
Michael Kisly
Vice President
Phone: +1 312 993-3666

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