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Munich Re International Graduate Trainee Program

Our International Graduate Trainee Program will give you a thorough induction into the many different activities of a leading global reinsurer and advance your personal development.

A firm grounding for your career plans

We are seeking innovative and highly talented candidates for our Munich Re International Graduate Trainee Program, a program designed to prepare recent college graduates for future professional roles in underwriting, predictive analytics, or claims. The program prepares Trainees for the diverse challenges of the reinsurance and primary insurance businesses, and lays the foundation for continued development in one of the most varied and fascinating industries.

The two-year program is an experience-based program combining rotational assignments, foundational classroom training, and business skills training. Industry exams will be utilized as a portion of the evaluation process. In addition to having access to subject matter experts, Trainees will also have mentors to help guide them through the program.

Rotational Assignments

One to three-month rotational assignments throughout different departments enable Trainees to gain exposure to a variety of business functions and projects. Working side-by-side with senior subject matter experts, Trainees will have the unique opportunity to develop their skills and competencies through hands-on experiences. Throughout the rotations, Trainees will be expected not only to learn about the business and industry, but also make meaningful contributions within each department. While most rotational assignments are in Princeton, NJ, some may be in branch offices across the US. Rotational assignments throughout the company may include but are not limited to:


  • Primary Insurance Company
  • Contracts
  • Actuarial Pricing
  • Reinsurance Underwriting
  • Claims
  • Reinsurance Accounting
  • Innovation

In addition to the above domestic rotations, each Trainee will have the opportunity to go on one international rotation.

Classroom Training

Classroom training, similar to a university setting, is conducted by the company’s leading underwriters, actuaries and other professionals. The program covers the fundamentals of insurance, including policy forms, underwriting, and rating. Reinsurance is studied from legal, underwriting, accounting, contractual, and pricing perspectives. Study time will be given to allow for classroom preparation.

Business Skills Training

Business skills such as negotiation techniques, time management, and presentation skills will also be taught and practiced throughout the program. Industry speakers and seminars will be used throughout the program.


Each Trainee will be assigned a senior level employee to serve as a mentor during the two-year program. Mentors are selected from among the company’s top employees and are available to Trainees for continuous technical and business guidance throughout the program. Mentors will also evaluate Trainees’ performance and provide feedback on an ongoing basis.

All Trainees are required to continue their education through Industry Exams or Collegiate coursework. Exams and coursework are selected based upon the Trainee’s track. Educational requirements are subject to change. At present, the Underwriting track is required to pass all eight CPCU exams; Predictive Analytics to pass two Actuarial or two CSPA exams; Claims to remain in good standing with a Law School. Bonuses are given for the completion of these exams.

End product

Upon successful completion of the program, Trainees will be offered permanent positions, predominantly in our Princeton, NJ location, based upon Company staffing needs and the Trainee’s preferences.

Eligibility and criteria

If you are a strategic thinker, energetic, flexible and committed to excellence, you'll discover many exciting opportunities at Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. We are seeking candidates who possess the following criteria:

  • Bachelor or Master Degree in a realted field
  • GPA of 3.25 or higher
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities in college or community activities
  • Prior internships (at least one internship with meaningful degree of responsibility)
  • Superior communication skills (oral and written)
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Interest in working for an international organization, preferred but not required:
    • knowledge of other languages
    • international experience (international internship, study abroad)

Recruiting Timeline

International Graduate Trainee Program positions are typically posted on our website in mid-August each year. In addition to online applications, we meet with candidates via campus events in the months of September, October and November. During these months initial screenings with candidates will also take place. A candidate may then be selected for an on-campus interview. We close our recruiting activities with second round interviews in our Princeton, NJ location towards the end of the year, and make offers shortly thereafter.


For more information about graduate trainee opportunities, please contact us.

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