Inland Flood Coverage Endorsement

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Inland Flood Coverage Endorsement

Flood is the most frequently occurring natural disaster in the United States and over 95% of the contiguous counties in the US have experienced at least one flood event during the past 15 years. With increased potential for flooding caused by weather pattern changes and more frequent or severe precipitation events, the Inland Flood Coverage Endorsement is an attractive alternative for non-coastal homeowners looking for competitively priced coverage to protect their homes and personal property.

Tailor-made solutions

The Inland Flood Coverage Endorsement is a personal lines policy endorsement that attaches to the insured’s existing homeowners or dwelling fire policy. It can only be purchased through a participating insurance carrier.

The coverage is designed primarily for policyholders in low-to-moderate flood hazard areas outside of wind and surge-exposed Atlantic and Gulf coastal counties. Many homeowners who live in these areas do not have insurance coverage for flood or seek a more affordable option. In fact, reports indicate the take-up rate of NFIP flood coverage in the areas that we are targeting is less than 1%.

The Inland Flood Coverage Endorsement is available through insurance companies that partner with Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. We make it easy and affordable to add Inland Flood coverage to the homeowners policies of our client insurers, with our affiliate companies providing claim services, form design and state filing support, agent training and marketing support services.

We offer two inland flood coverage options - stand alone flood endorsement and combined flood with sewer/drain endorsement - providing flexibility to better suit the particular needs of agents and policyholders.

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