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Simplify placement of your facultative reinsurance

Our exclusive quotation, bordereau, and management information systems allow you to manage your entire book of facultative property and casualty program business and track your exposures online.

AutoFac® products

  • Standard commercial umbrella
  • Mini umbrella
  • Excess and buffer for general liability and auto liability
  • Property excess

You’re in the driver’s seat
AutoFac’s state-of-the-art benefits give you greater control over your facultative business. Because AutoFac is an Internet-based application, you can access it anywhere, anytime.

The Property Excess System provides:

  • A rating engine that matches the terms of your reinsurance contract
  • Multi-location risk support
  • Reporting and document capabilities, including monthly premium bordereaux, account profiles, policy transactions, renewal listings
  • A documented special acceptance workflow

The Casualty Commercial Umbrella provides:

  • Multiple layer pricing with customized minimum premium settings
  • Reporting and document capabilities, including monthly premium bordereaux, account profiles, policy transactions, renewal listings, quote and binder letters, customized declaration pages and schedules of underlying insurance
  • Pricing consistency, from using premium as the base and using the same risk features for each placement
  • Documented special acceptance workflow
  • Multi-location risk support

Fast and powerful

AutoFac’s carefully designed user interface provides you with many built-in time-savers, including ZIP Code search and verification, city look-up, drop-down boxes and calendar displays. A powerful search engine enables quick retrieval of information. For risks that fall outside the underwriting guidelines, a documented special acceptance workflow feature is available. You’ll provide more responsive service to your customers by calculating premiums more quickly.

Safety features

AutoFac resides in a highly secure Internet environment. User identification and password authentication adds greater security. With built-in controls, you can assign authority levels to several users of the system. You have the ability to maintain your own user list and to assign roles and responsibilities.

Customer service

Branch staff members are available to answer all of your business and technical questions, with support from our IT department. Additionally, the online help feature built into the system is available anytime for your convenience.


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