Facultative Certificate

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Facultative Certificate

Unusual or high risk exposures that exceed your capacity or risk tolerance require intelligent solutions provided by an established and financially reliable reinsurer.

Intelligent solutions

Reinsurance buyers and brokers have access to our wide spectrum of facultative certificate reinsurance solutions, including coverage in:

  • Auto liability
  • General liability
  • Professional liability
  • Property
  • Umbrella liability
  • Workers' compensation

Property and casualty certificate features

  • Significant reinsurance capacity for your property and casualty exposures, including property catastrophe driven placements
  • Custom solutions for casualty excess of loss covers for primary business and excess of loss or quota share covers for excess business
  • Flexible approach to providing property covers for buffer and high excess layers
  • Auto carve-out support for umbrella placements

Think factory

We’ve brought together, into one business unit, experts in many underwriting disciplines to focus on developing solutions for the unique and high-risk exposures you manage. Each member of our Facultative Certificate department understands the challenges of facultative certificate reinsurance and has the knowledge and experience to develop reliable solutions that match your need with our risk appetite.

Regional presence

We attach great importance to responsiveness and service and helping you realize your objectives. You can rely on our technical experts located throughout the US to know the special requirements of your market. Our regional presence means that we can quickly and effectively translate your needs into custom facultative solutions.

As your facultative needs evolve, we have the ability to work together with our program/treaty underwriters to create semi-automatic or automatic solutions that fit your changing needs.


Contact us to learn more about our custom reinsurance solutions.

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