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Smart Mobility: Collision Avoidance

Collision avoidance technology is a key component of our Smart Mobility program that encompasses a wide variety of vehicle features designed to help the driver operate the vehicle safely. These aftermarket products offer advanced technologies that assist the driver with warnings or automatic braking to avoid or mitigate a crash.

Technology Solutions


The Mobileye Collision Avoidance System (“System”) is an aftermarket product that can be installed on almost any vehicle. The System performs advanced driver scene interpretations. The System is designed by the manufacturer to warn drivers when a threat is detected with simple visual and audible alerts – in real time – giving drivers the time to possibly avoid or mitigate a collision.

As per Mobileye, drivers are alerted of potential forward collisions with another vehicle, pedestrian, or cyclist, unintended lane departures, following too closely to the vehicle in front, and speeding. Additionally, the System, consisting of a windshield-mounted vision sensor and a visual display unit, including a telematics option, can be installed in less than 90 minutes

Mobileye® Shield+™

Mobileye Shield+ is a collision avoidance system designed for large municipal vehicles (“Shield+”). Shield+ consists of multiple vision sensors and visual display units that are designed by the manufacturer to alert drivers to potential impending collisions. Additionally, Shield+ includes safety features that, as per Mobileye, addresses large blind spots, greater turning radii, and unique challenges drivers of vehicles equipped with this product encounter on crowded city streets, including pedestrian and cyclist blind spot detection, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, headway monitoring and warning, and a speed limit indicator.

Smart Mobility Lead

Michael Scrudato
Senior Vice President, New Strategic Markets
Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.
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Mobility Solutions Center Leader, New Strategic Markets
Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.

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