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Innovative Solutions

We are developing exciting new solutions to expand the boundaries of insurance. We are forming partnerships with organizations outside our industry in academia and government as well as with startup companies, manufacturers and non-profit organizations to find completely new growth opportunities for the insurance industry.

Our teams are currently focused on helping clients reduce losses from accidents using crash avoidance technology and telematics solutions. We are also exploring solutions for insurance on demand—a market that is growing exponentially.


Mobility Domain

The Mobility Domain is focused on establishing strategic partnerships and pilot projects that will enable Munich Re, US and its clients to develop risk management solutions for the new era of mobility.


Inland Flood Coverage Endorsement

The Inland Flood Coverage Endorsement is an affordable alternative for non-coastal homeowners looking to protect their homes and personal property. It can be purchased through participating insurance carriers and offered as an endorsement to the insured’s existing homeowners or dwelling fire policy.

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