Innovative Solutions

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Innovative Solutions

Big Idea

Together with our clients we are reimagining the world of risk. We are leading these transformative times by driving innovation in the insurance industry. We are focused on developing new products and services in areas such as flood, drones and in the mobility market to expand the boundaries of insurance and shape the future of our industry. By forming partnerships with academia, government entities, startup companies, manufacturers and non-profit organizations we are sourcing new growth opportunities for the insurance industry.

By focusing on innovation we are developing products and services on the forefront of change. Together with our clients, we will shape the future of our industry.


Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility delivers customized technology driven risk management solutions to improve your auto portfolio and prepare for the future of mobility.


Insurance Products

New Strategic Market’s underwriting unit focuses on writing primary insurance coverage for emerging risks. The unit provides solutions for autonomous vehicles and the sharing economy.


Reinsurance Products

Our strategic products team draws on significant resources throughout the Munich Re group to provide solutions through traditional reinsurance structures or innovative private-label approaches.

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