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New Strategic Markets' underwriting unit is focused on providing innovative customized solutions for emerging risks. The unit is currently providing tailored coverage for shared mobility risks and autonomous vehicles.

Shared Mobility

According to Morgan Stanley, the shared mobility market is estimated to be worth $2.6 trillion by 2030. McKinsey & Company predicts that one out of every 10 cars will be a shared vehicle by 2030, and one out of every three vehicles will be shared by 2050.

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Autonomous Vehicles

Fortune reports self-driving cars are expected to hit our roads in an obvious way by 2020. However, by 2040 Fortune estimates that 95% of new vehicles sold, or 96.3 million cars, will be fully autonomous—a $3.6 trillion opportunity.  

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Maureen Brown, CPCU, RPLU+, AIC, ARe, ARM-P, ASLI
Vice President, New Strategic Markets
Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.

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