Innovation Overview

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Innovation Overview

Re-Thinking Insurance

A world with imagination is a world of opportunity. Change is inevitable. That is why we are partnering with you to transform the way we manage the risks of today and tomorrow.

The digital economy is presenting unique challenges to the insurance industry. Our world is becoming interconnected in ways we never imagined. Homes, cars, machinery, infrastructure and people are digitally connecting, providing real-time underwriting and loss information, as well as the potential to prevent losses from ever occurring. In order to take advantage of these opportunities and deliver greater value to insureds, we must continue building data analytics systems and technology to deliver innovative solutions.

Social change also has the potential to disrupt our industry. Today’s customers expect continual value and engagement from their insurers, and startups targeting the industry are bringing competing new insurance models to the market at an unprecedented pace. Munich Re, US is embracing this disruption and working with our clients to rethink our business and drive our future.

These and many other changes create challenges, but also enormous opportunities for us to reimagine the world of risk and expand the boundaries of insurance.

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