How We Innovate

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How We Innovate

Building our innovation ecosystem is critical for us to stay ahead of the latest trends, and to identify valuable partners. Our employees on the ground in Silicon Valley are forming partnerships with startups that give us a clear window into changes as they are happening, allowing us to stay ahead of the InsureTech wave.

Collaboration is critical in our ability to bring new products and services to the market. Munich Re, US is intensifying partner collaboration using our US Innovation Lab. In today’s world, speed is key. The Lab allows for focused development of a business concept so that we can accelerate our go-to-market pace. Munich Re, US will provide dedicated resources - including global experts, technology partners and mentors trained in innovation tools and techniques - to accelerate the product launch process. Clients and brokers who have an early stage business concept they would like to partner on should reach out to their Munich Re, US contact.


Innovation Framework (Click on image)

Each of our business units have teams who are laser focused on the unique emerging needs of their clients – whether they are a reinsurance broker, traditional insurance company, public or non-profit entity or MGA.  Through collaboration, we are ready to help our clients innovate and embrace the new world of insurance. 

Innovation Tools 


Munich Re employees located in Silicon Valley, focused on identifying insurance and technology startups that have the potential to redefine insurance.

An internal online platform used by our employees to develop and share ideas for new products, solutions, or services based on intense dialogue with our clients. 

Design Thinking

An approach we use to bring in multiple perspectives and generate new ideas. Design Thinking is a user-centered innovation method for products and services which was developed at Stanford. Key elements of Design Thinking are interdisciplinary teams, empathy for the user, rapid prototyping, failing early and often so that what has been learned can be applied to the next iteration, to name but a few. 

Innovation Lab

Generating innovation ideas or opportunities is only the first step. Rapidly moving from an idea to establishing product –market fit is where the Lab comes in. The Lab allows for focused development of a business concept so that we can accelerate our go-to-market pace. In the lab we combine tools, experienced Lab Specialists and seed funding, to support teams that are working on projects which require developing a new capability, servicing a new market or responding to a new customer need.

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