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Corporate Insurance Partner Division – Large Property Risks

The swift, worldwide movement of goods and processes has opened up enormous business potential in many industries. At the same time, these vertically and horizontally integrated supply chains represent new and complex property risks. International mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures also give rise to unprecedented exposures.

Mastering the challenges of these global interdependencies between suppliers, customers and business partners calls for highly specialized knowledge and experience. Corporate Insurance Partner divisions respond to developments on a regional and global level. The teams operate on a worldwide basis, serving our clients' needs with customized solutions, vast industry knowledge and significant capacity.

A targeted offering for diverse clients – our group-wide portfolio

The companies we serve are generally ranked among the world's leading 5,000 players with a TIV/turnover exceeding US$ 500m. Our clients retain a reasonable level of risk and focus on mitigating their exposure through effective risk management. Our mandate is to underwrite programs placed exclusively in the US market.

Target client sectors:

  • Automotive, aerospace
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Semiconductor
  • Telecom, media, entertainment
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Real estate
  • Healthcare

We also offer covers in areas like metal, electronics, textile, chemicals, warehousing, retail, pulp and paper, hospitality. Depending on the risks and the market, we offer up to US$ 75m of quota share or excess of loss capacity.


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