Complex Liability Risks

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Corporate Insurance Partner Division – Complex Liability Risks

Human error, mechanical failure, accidents – unforeseeable events that trigger liability claims can never be entirely ruled out. Manufacturers and service providers of all kinds can face substantial indemnity risks. The Corporate Insurance Partner division of Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. is specialized in delivering tailored solutions to complex and individual liability risk scenarios.

Master potential risks – realize your full potential

Liability risks are an unavoidable part of doing business. In many industries, these scenarios have become highly complex and difficult to assess – and the trend continues.

However, these risks should not pose an obstacle to business success: an experienced partner with a deep understanding of the challenges you face can deliver the support you need. In close cooperation with our clients, we swiftly and efficiently develop targeted covers for individual liability risk scenarios.

Based on industry know-how and the substantial financial capacity of the respective risk carriers of Munich Re, we can work out solutions to even the most challenging cases.

Group-wide portfolio: winning solutions to keep you winning

Companies ranking among the world's top 5,000 turn to us for targeted solutions to their liability risk-management needs.

Target client sectors:

  • Car manufacturer/supplier
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • IT/telecommunications
  • Media/publishing houses
  • Railways/transportation
  • Other producing industries


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