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Business and Solutions

Lines of business

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Reinsurance (Treaty and Facultative)

Reinsurance buyers and brokers benefit from our client-centered and solution-oriented approach. You will find that our pro rata and excess treaty and facultative reinsurance solutions are in tune with your risk management objectives.


Specialty Markets

Our custom, risk-transfer solutions include both admitted and non-admitted insurance products, as well as and niche and reinsurance products for self-insureds, alternative market entities, MGAs, MGUs and Program Administrators.

Architect plans.

Industrial Clients

The Corporate Insurance Partner Division develops individual solutions for clients to help them support and sustain business growth.

Business and solutions highlights

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Our webinars cover the latest emerging exposures

Recent webinars like hydrofracking and nanotechnology offer underwriting and claims insight into some of the industry’s newest issues.

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Make our exclusive client portal a permanent part of your workspace.

Publications - Munich Re (Group)

Our entire spectrum of publications are available for downloading and ordering in Publications. Registration is free.

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