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Other Partners

Munich Health North America – Reinsurance Division

Munich Health North America – Reinsurance Division provides a broad range of healthcare reinsurance solutions to reinsurance intermediaries, managing general underwriters, third party administrators and primary insurance carriers.

We are a division of, and underwrite on behalf of Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. Munich Reinsurance America, Inc. is a member of one of the world's leading reinsurance organizations, Munich Re.

We view our role as more than simply supplying capacity. Munich Health North America – Reinsurance Division has the risk appetite, products and capacity to write large or complex programs. We are distinguished by the world class service and expertise provided by our experienced insurance professionals and an extensive complement of innovative care management resources.

Backed by the superior financial strength of Munich Re America, and a proud member of Munich Re, we operate from a tradition of security, service and expertise. Combined with our consultative approach and commitment to the health care industry, Munich Health North America – Reinsurance Division is in a unique position to help you accomplish your strategic and financial objectives.

Munich Re Capital Markets, New York, Inc.

Munich Re Capital Markets is the center of competence within Munich Re for the acquisition, structuring and realization of innovative capital-market solutions. Through structured reinsurance and capital market solutions, we can assist in managing complex risk exposures that are increasingly difficult to handle. Such solutions are especially relevant where conventional approaches alone are not sufficient to properly protect cash flow, earnings or balance sheets against unexpected occurrences.

Capital markets solutions for US clients are coordinated by your client manager and provided by the Risk Trading Unit (RTU) at Munich Re Capital Markets New York. Capital markets solutions include insurance-linked securities and other capital market products and services focused on managing clients’ risks, risk warehousing, and risk restructuring and reselling.

Munich American Reassurance Company (MARC)

Munich American Reassurance Company (MARC) offers life, annuity, and accident & health reinsurance throughout the United States.

Contact Munich Health NA Re

Munich Health North America – Reinsurance Division
555 College Road East
Princeton, NJ 08543
Phone: +1 609-243-4200

Contact Munich Re Capital Markets

Munich Re Capital Markets New York, Inc.
1177 Avenue of the Americas
15th Floor
New York, NY 10036
Phone: +1 212 887-6000

Contact Munich American Reassurance Company

Munich American Reassurance Company
56 Perimeter Center East, NE
Suite 500
Atlanta, GA 30346-2290
Phone: +1 770 350-3200

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