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Electronic Health Records - What are They and how Will They Affect Life and Disability Insurance Underwriting? (PDF, 271 KB) (November)

Heroin - the Other Opioid (PDF, 245 KB) (November)

Premium Financing (PDF, 242 KB) (November)

Accidental Death Benefits - What Makes an Accident an Accident? (PDF, 974 KB) (September)

Drug Abuse Mortality in the Insured Population (PDF, 552 KB) (September)

Biometrics on the rise as insurers look for smoother experience (PDF, 51 KB) (September)

(Reprinted with permission from Digital Insurance)

Screening for Cancer Using “Liquid Biopsy”...Not Ready for Prime Time (PDF, 267 KB) (September)

Protective Genetic Variants – A Balanced View of Genetic Testing Results (PDF, 264 KB) (August)

Milliman Rx Risk Score – Stratifying Mortality Risk Using Prescription Drug Information (PDF, 512 KB) (August)

Tapping the Millennials Market (PDF, 328 KB) (August)

Opioid Epidemic - How did we get Here? (PDF, 415 KB) (July)

Recreational Marijuana - Where's the Risk? (PDF, 509 KB) (June)

TrueRisk® Life Score – Stratifying Mortality Risk Using Credit Information (PDF, 386 KB) (June)

Digital MGAs and Direct to Consumer (PDF, 385 KB) (June)

Collecting Cause-of-death Data: Key Information for Claim Professionals (PDF, 714 KB) (June)

Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia: Survival has Significantly Improved (PDF, 935 KB) (May)

A Reinsurer’s Perspective of Mortality Data in the VM-51 Format (PDF, 678 KB) (May)

Portability Mortality in Employee-Owned Life Insurance (PDF, 435 KB) (May)

Emerging Trends - Anti-microbial Resistance - Taking Stock (PDF, 627 KB) (April)

Emerging Trends - What's Next? (PDF, 689 KB) (April)

The Challenge of Minor Beneficiaries (PDF, 606 KB) (February)

Improving the Disability Income Sales Process: A Conversation About End-to-End Technology Tools  (PDF, 279 KB)

Reprinted with permission of LIMRA’s MarketFacts Quarterly / Number 4, 2016

Hear From Our Members: A Conversation With Mike DeKoning (PDF, 147 KB)

Reprinted with permission of LIMRA’s MarketFacts Quarterly / Number 4, 2016

The Employer EffectTM - A Case for Industry Champions (PDF, 819 KB) (January)

The Significance of Hemoglobin A1C in Nondiabetics (PDF, 797 KB) (January)


Underwriting Transgender Individuals/Gender Dysphoria (PDF, 742 KB) (November)

Wearable Devices: Will They be Ready for Prime Time in Life Insurance Underwriting Anytime Soon? (PDF, 289 KB) (November)

Using NT-pro BNP in Assessing Stable CAD (PDF, 823 KB) (October)

The Key to Unlocking Key Person/Buy-Sell Coverage (PDF, 67 KB) (September)

Reprinted with permission of ON THE RISK, Journal of the Academy of Life Underwriting 

Ovarian Tumors of Low Malignant Potential (PDF, 73 KB) (September)
Reprinted with permission of ON THE RISK, Journal of the Academy of Life Underwriting 

Mature Ages and Preferred Underwriting (PDF, 882 KB) (September)

Underwriting Foreign Risks (PDF, 455 KB) (July)

Pandemic Survey (PDF, 173 KB) (June)

Medical Marijuana: is it Just Smoke and Mirrors? (PDF, 381 KB) (June)

LexisNexis Risk Classifier - An Effective Indicator of Mortality Risk (PDF, 592 KB) (May)

Self-Diagnosis (PDF, 653 KB) (April)

Can I Use the Express Lane? (PDF, 330 KB) (April)

The Employer Effect on Disability Claims Cost (PDF, 885 KB) (April)

Bariatric Surgery - Cure-all for Serious Obesity? (PDF, 531 KB) (March)

Usefulness of NT-pro BNP in Underwriting Individuals with Atherosclerotic Peripheral Vascular Disease (PDF, 303 KB) (March)

Critical Implications of NT-pro BNP in Underwriting Type 2 Diabetics (PDF, 337 KB) (February)

Underwriting Considerations for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis against HIV Infection with Truvada (PDF, 302 KB) (February)

The Internet of Things and Life/Living Benefits Insurance (PDF, 347 KB) (January)

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