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Underwriters take on a lot in today’s market: competition, large complex cases, producer and customer demands for bigger-better-faster, compliance, risk management … With demands coming from every direction, who couldn’t use an EDGE?

All of the materials in EDGE are fully maintained and continuously updated by a team of physicians, underwriters, analysts and biometric research experts. Munich Re has been providing state-of-the-art risk selection tools to its customers around the world for years. Now, this expertise is available in a manual tailored to the US market.

EDGE features multiple calculators, some of which are unique in the industry. Each calculator was developed based on our research and many incorporate a new and more competitive method of assessing particular risks.

Dedicated to serving your needs

Underwriters developed this manual for underwriters to use. It is full of tools to make risk selection easier. We have incorporated a state-of-the-art search engine to ensure fast, easy, complete search results. The search feature will even prompt you if a word is misspelled. You can bookmark the pages you review most frequently and add personal annotations. Underwriting managers can add group annotations that are seen by everyone on their staff, ensuring consistency.

EDGE will be available when and where you need it, every time, and EDGE will be continuously updated with the latest mortality and morbidity research. EDGE is backed by the financial strength and expertise of Munich Re.

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