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Working at Munich Re - About our business

Insurance for insurance companies.

That's a simple way to describe a complex business—a business that plays a significant role in the economies of our and other industrialized nations. We're shock absorbers for our clients. Without insurance, individuals and businesses would find it difficult to recover financially when disaster strikes. Without reinsurance, insurers simply couldn't offer this peace of mind.

Reinsurance helps protect insurers against unforeseen or extraordinary losses by allowing them to spread their risks. We provide reinsurance for life and disability products. While individual policies our clients write are not generally as large as they are for their property/casualty counterparts, a single catastrophic event such as the World Trade Center or a pandemic, could have a significant financial impact on the insurer. Similarly, a claim against a very large policy could have a significant impact. With reinsurance, no single insurer finds itself saddled with a financial burden beyond its ability to pay.

Insurance involves pricing a product whose actual cost—losses, in other words—will not be known until sometime in the future. Through reinsurance, insurers can reduce the impact of wide fluctuations in their loss experience, stabilizing the company's overall operating results. And finally, buying reinsurance allows insurers to grow by increasing the insurer's capacity for new business.

We hire the very best and brightest in the industry

As one of the largest providers of life and living benefits reinsurance and related services, we rely on experienced professionals to support our clients' needs. Our professional staff has expertise in virtually all fields of underwriting, actuarial and claims, as well as in many other supporting services. Many of our employees are recognized experts in their fields, often leading industry discussions at sponsored events and representing the company on boards of industry organizations.

If you're a strategic thinker, energetic, flexible, and want to help shape the future for our clients, yourself, and our company, you'll find many exciting opportunities here.

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